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DC-DC Converter
Ultra-lower power isolation DC-DC
4:1 Wide In Isolation Regulated Out
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Fixed-In Isolation regulated Out
Wide Input Isolation multi-output
Fixed-In Isolation Unregulated Out
Hi-Isolate 4500Vrms Medical DC-DC
No-isolation DC-DC
Interface converter
RS232-RS485 Converter
RS232-RS422 Converter
RS232-RS485/422 Converter
TTL-RS232/485/422 Converter
RS485-RS422 Converter
RS232-RS232 Isolate Driver
RS485-RS485 Isolate Driver
RS422-RS422 Isolate Driver
Optic-RS232/485 Converter
USB Interface
10/100M BASE-T
Lighting/Surger Module
RS232 Protect-Module
RS485 Protect-Module
RS422 Protect-Module
Ethernet Protect-Module
Power Protect-Module
Lanfilter /Network Camera
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Product Name£ºBBT8110 0.3,1 megapixel IP camera

The IPC can online applied as a part of a safety surveillance network. With the professional network video surveillance software it achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability. And IPC can individually work also. It is applied to all kinds of occasion that need network remote monitoring, such as: ATM, Bank counter, supermarket, factory, etc. Foster care center, kingdom garden, school, etc. Intelligent gate control system. Intelligent building and residential manage system Unattended system like: Generating plant, telecom base station Outdoor device to monitor bridge, tunnel, block transportation status Production line and warehouse control. 24-hour monitor for road transportation. Remote monitor for forest, water source and river. Airport, train station, bus stop, etc

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